Sunday, November 29, 2015

Taming the terry fuzzies

I've been working on twirly towels (shampoo towels) and other terry items for gifts. I also cut a bath towel in fourths and made DH some hand towels for his utility sink. It's much cheaper than buying hand towels and larger, too. The terry really makes a mess in the sewing room but this little tool really gets the terry loops and fuzz up from the cutting mat. I don't know where I got this little jewel because I've had it so long. I did find one on Ebay if you're interested by searching for "crumb brush" which is it's original intent. It works so well for clearing the mat and even the fibers that have been pushed into the mat with the rotary cutter. It snaps open so that you can dump the contents and a quick shake or swipe of the hand on the brush over the trash can and it's ready to go again.
This is what my mat looked like after cutting the black terry towel into fourths. It's really tough to get the fuzzies up where the blade has pushed them into the mat.
But not with this little jewel. This is the crumb brush upside down.
Here I am using the brush on the cutting mat. I had just swiped the upper right corner.
The nice clean mat and dirty brush.
Inside of the brush with all the fuzzies that it picked up. The brush can be popped out to get the lint off it easily.