Monday, June 9, 2008

Twirly Skirts

I saw some skirts posted by Ruth on SewChic. I modified the measurements and directions to suit my two granddaughters who are 5 & 7 years old, cut a pattern for each of them and stitched them up. The first one was a wearable "muslin". I used an attached waistband with elastic inserted. I serged the bottom edge. turned that serged edge up, and top-stitched the hem for the first one.The next time I simplified it by using a cut on waistband and stitching the elastic to the top of the skirt. For the next two I used the narrow hem foot on my machine for the hem. They are so easy to make. They really look better on but I don't have my "models" handy. I have a couple more pieces to make them matching ones.


Pamela Erny said...

Welcome to "Blogging" Carla!

Those skirts really are cute!

Pam, from the Sew4Kids list and
~Off The Cuff Style~

Ruth said...

Carla, the skirts came out great! Don't you just love the flare at at the hem?!

Ruth said...

Oh, I also put a pic of your purple skirt on my blog. And I put your blog link on my bloglines so I can keep up with all your projects. :-)