Saturday, July 5, 2008

Blindstitch hemmer

My 110 volt foot control for my blind stitch machine finally came on Thursday. I tried it immediately just to see if it would run and it did. Today I tried it out for a hem. After two broken needles and a little of this #$%^ to try to get a new one in and get it threaded I achieved success!! Here is a close up of the hem. Not bad, huh?

I made DGD a dress from a cut out panel that a friend had given me and hemmed it with the new hemmer. It worked well. I did have to adjust the "bite" and the tension some. The thread kept breaking and the needled broke twice. It really is a bear to get rethreaded. The holes in those needles are very small and the angle at which you come at it is not direct. I makes for some tedious threading.

Also the dress was too short as printed on the panel so I separated the yellow from the checked and inserted the blue piece for more length. The one I made earlier for the younger DGD was long enough. It is pictured in an earlier post. This is the completed sundress.

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